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do 16 mei


Joniec, Polen

Engaging your body in familyconstellations

In this 4-day workshop we combine familyconstellations with the elements of biodynamic breathwork and traumarelease (BBTRS): meditation, breathwork, movement, sound, bodywork and emotional expression.

Engaging your body in familyconstellations
Engaging your body in familyconstellations

Tijd en locatie

16 mei 2024 09:00 – 19 mei 2024 16:00

Joniec, Polen, 09-131 Joniec, Polen

Over het evenement

The focus of this workshop is to let energy flow again, in your body and in the dynamics of your familiy.

Do you wish to make some space to be more aware of your paterns? To feel how they can become more flexibel, in the dynamics of your familiy and in your body?

Patterns start during intens periods or events in your life, when it is to much to feel all at once. The patterns we develop, makes it possible for us to not feel, so that we can keep on living, doing the things we need to do, we adjust ourselves.

These patterns can feel as a restriction when we are adult: we feel we cannot build the relationships we need, find the job that really is motivating, really make connection with others, have fears or have a body with symptoms ... All things that can stop us from living the live we want.

The 2 main methods we use are familyconstellations and BBTRS (biodynamic breathwork and traumarelease). The combination connects you with yourself on core-level and shows you which movement is possible so that the energy can flow again.


Systemic work is a way to gain insight into your own place in a system, any system, and your relationship with the others in that system. You can experience where obstacles lie and why you keep falling back into certain behavior that hinders your development and growth.

A constellation is a spatial representation of a certain system (family, relationship, organization, etc. etc). The purpose of a constellation is to experience and gain insight into symptoms and unconscious dynamics. A constellation works with so-called “representatives”. These are people or objects that represent persons or abstract concepts. These representatives are given a place in the room. Once they have taken their place, they plug into an energy field and information is released about the themes and dynamics that want to become visible. 

In this way, a family constellation gives us an idea of ​​what is going on in the family system. It makes unconscious connections visible and shows which movement can be necessary and healing for the questioner.

As a representative, you are asked to take the place of a member (or aspect) of the system. You can trust that you will automatically feel (and express) what is right, even if you have never attended a family constellation. This helps you make the underlying dynamics visible and tangible. You may always refuse a request to represent without reason. As a representative you are also moved and touched by a constellation. It is never a coincidence that you are chosen for a particular person or theme. Themes and dynamics in families are universal, so your own themes are also touched upon.

In this way a familyconstellation shows every time how connected we are as humans. We can step into that energy feeld, feel and know things that our mind can't understand. The theme's that become visible during a constellation are universal, we recognise ourselve in the others.

Biodynamic breathwork and trauma release

BBTRS uses breathwork to stimulate the body’s natural nervous-system processes, it empowers your body natural process for healing. It allows us to better sense what is happening within us. With coaching, a “Breather” learns how to feel—and the body is allowed to move in a natural, organic expression that actually releases tension. Additional elements, including meditation, bodywork, sound, and emotional expression facilitate the release. 


We will start the day by opening up your body and breath. 

During the day we will do 2 or 3 constellations. So everybody who is attending this workshop get's the space to bring in a question. 

Every day there will be a guided biodynamic breathwork session (at the start or at the end the day),  to release and bring some movement in the emotions, sensations and energy that the constellations are triggering.

Maximum 10 people.


From thursday 16 may 2024 9u. till sunday 19 mei 2024 16u.

We work everyday from 9u. till approximately 17u. On sunday we finish around 16u.


During the day the workshop will take place in the cosy venue of Aisha and Mark Archer. It is located near the little village Joniec, in the middle of the woods, one hour drive from Warschau.

You can find sleeping accomodation in the village. We can recommend.... Contact us if you need some help with that.


Sliding scale between 360 euro - 480 euro. (contact us for more info) (the exact price will be clear in a few weeks)

This includes: 

  • guidance of this 4-day workshop, 
  • drinks, refreshments, lunch during the day

Not included: 

  • diner
  • accomodation to sleep
  • transport to the venue (we can arrange taxi from the airport)


Astrid Alders is psychologist, BBTRS-practitioner and familyconstellator. 

She will lead the constellations during the day, and support the breathwork sessions.

Aisha Archer is BBTRS-practitioner. She will lead the meditations and lead/support the breathworksessions. She is the hostess of the venue and will welcome us warmly and create a safe space.

Mark Archer is BBTRS-practitioner. He will lead the breathworksessions and spoil us with his soundhealing talent. He is the host of the venue and will welcome us warmly and create a safe space.

Deel dit evenement

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